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Group Chat Chatty Kathy Club Whitepaper

The Group Chat Chatty Kathy Club digital pass is a collection of unique, randomly auto-generated Kathys who have different traits and identities inspired by the podcast including race, hair, location and accessories. Chatty Kathy Club is not just any project, our focus is adding utility and benefits to the owners. We strive to build a community in which owners of Chatty Kathys can interact with one another in real life on in the metaverse, learn and help one another, get rewarded through utilities for contributing to the community and enjoy limited Kathy only experiences. The possibilities are endless with the Chatty Kathy Club. Each Chatty Kathy Club is a key allowing the holders to be a part of the community we are building. This Whitepaper outlines 3 phases we plan of building a Chatty Kathy community.

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